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Sana Logistics applies its renowned operational excellence to offer top-notch services across its integrated network in Pakistan with an equal focus on general business and on the specialist needs of the FMCG, consumer & retail, energy, telecom, pharmaceutical, and technology sectors. With 15+ years’ experience in delivering first-class logistics throughout Pakistan, Sana Logistics is a go-to solution for all your Supply Chain requirements.

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Fast, efficient, and state-of-the-art IT-enabled supply chain solutions.

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We believe that quality management is critical to increased productivity, customer satisfaction, increased effectiveness, maximum output.

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Sana Logistics is backed up by customer service as a part of its quality guarantee.


Freight & Transportation

Importer of Record



Over 500,000 sqft. warehousing space

As one of Pakistan’s leading logistic and supply chain management company, we design and implement cutting edge solutions in storage & warehousing with a focus on developing strong relationships with our customers to ensure long-term success.

Our logistics services include examining customer sector-specific needs and business processes to plan and create a bespoke warehousing solution, which includes Ambient, Temperature-control, and Customs bonded storage.

Freight & Transportation

500+ vehicles in major cities

With multiple vehicles operating every day, Sana Logistics is well-positioned to cater to any transportation requirement of our client across the nation.. The sheer size of our transport operations and the technologies we bring into play to guarantee that the solutions we offer are cost-effective and are also on-time. Our fully coordinated framework incorporates services like automated reporting of KPIs, consolidation, and distribution through cross docks, explicit scheduling and following cycles, and so on.

Importer of Record

Responsible for ensuring the import transactions

Importing and exporting requires a company to have an established business or another type of legal entity in the country of import or export to act as the government-required responsible party in conducting the export or import transactions.At Sana Logistics we have been acting as Importer of Record on behalf of our clients for over a decade. We are officially recognized as the official party of an international shipment transaction by said governments. We can provide our clients with the specialist support they need to help ensure quick, efficient, and reliable importing of goods worldwide.


Direct distribution for retailers

At Sana Logistics we are always looking for ways to enhance productivity and decrease operation costs. We’re not consultants telling you what to do, we are your partners in every step of your distribution process.Sana Logistics focuses on providing a tailored end-to-end solution that ensures we handle all your logistic operations, allowing you to focus on more resource-intensive areas of your business.

Our Management

Directors' Messages


I am committed to standing behind the project assigned to ensure the success of our Client.

We initiated our dedication with a vision to deliver exceptional value services to clients. Doubtlessly, we became the trusted warehouse among our customers like our services follow the idea of innovative solutions. Being a trusted logistic service provider, we have built a secure environment under one umbrella. Sana logistics is keeping in consideration the health factor as we are offering the services in “Inventory Cold Storage.” No doubt, the Logistics industry has been changing speedily with the complicated business structure day by day. Increasingly, Clients seek cost-effective and reliable service. In this modern era of technology, Sana logistics are using ERP to fulfill the requirements of the customers within seconds while providing the services even after business hours. With wholehearted honesty, I promise, there will always be sincerity in services towards our clients.

Last, but of course, not least, we will be serving you with your valuable support to become the premier logistics for clients.

Promising you of quality service area always, we remain.

Chief Executive


I strongly regard Sana Logistics as the logistics solution provider that competently meets the promise of delivering premium services to ensure a competitive advantage in the market for our clients.

We started with the vision of providing truly exceptional logistics services that create value for our esteemed clients and succeeded in our dedication to proficiently meet all and any logistics requirements of our clients. Sana Logistics has never failed to offer precisely what the clients require in their pursuit of remarkable logistics and other valuable services such as Temperature controlled storage, highly-coordinated transportation system, fast inventory tracking, and efficient customer service to fortuitously address client needs.

We are devoted to helping our clients achieve economic success by providing superior logistics solutions and will continue to prove our loyalty by contributing to their growth.


It is my utmost pleasure to welcome you all to the Sana logistics website.

I envisioned Sana Logistics being a logistics provider that not only provides the services we are expected to but delivers beyond. We started with being the first Ammonia-based Temperature controlled warehousing facility in Pakistan, and have been able to achieve outstanding expansion ever since. We are wholeheartedly dedicated to delivering end to end client experience no matter how complex and dynamic the logistics industry proves to be. We value the trust our clients have put in us. 

By the grace of Allah almighty, Today I stand with pride proving to our clients that we do in fact deliver beyond and exceed expectations by which Sana logistics became one of Pakistan’s most trusted and reliable supply chain management.


I am honored to be one of the premiers of an establishment with the lead value being the commercial advancement of the client.

Sana Logistics initiated with a dedication to being the ace of the logistics industry. Not just the services but the hard work of our employees, the goals and objectives of our clients, and the vision of the premiers altogether incorporate the company we know today as Sana logistics.

We proved to deliver on our promise of reliable service worthy of the trust of our valued clients.   The support of our clients and the hard work of our earnest employees to proactively fulfill the requirements of the clients are the reason for Sana logistics to be recognized as one of the most trusted logistics service providers in the country. Our promise to offer several competitive value services including high-end facilities, prompt transportation, and tracking services along-with our dedication to addressing client needs as instantly as possible is what makes Sana Logistics the leading logistics service provider of Pakistan.

I assure you, with full confidence, that we are truly devoted and fully equipped to accommodate the logistics requirements of our clients.


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